“Russkiy Mir / Russian World” sends rockets to Zhytomyr Region from Belarus. In early March, the occupiers fired on the perinatal center in Zhytomyr, and in a couple of days completely destroyed the lyceum. 10th grade student Bohdan Boyko recalls the shelling: “I live near the lyceum. I heard an explosion, the walls of the apartment shook. I looked out the window and saw smoke in the air, and notebooks and pages from books were flying in that smoke. It was my second home.” A number of European cities, including Barcelona, already offers assistance in rebuilding the lyceum.

Hundreds of private houses, schools and urban infrastructure were destroyed in the region, including a 19th-century church. The environment is also suffering from the arrival of the "Russkiy Mir / Russian World" - in the Drevlyansky Nature Reserve, the Russian occupiers burned a 600-year-old oak, which was of special value to the community.